cowsay is a entertainment command, however it's not guaranteed that your terminal is going to have this command available as default. It most likely won't, however you can download it yourself using a package manager like
cowsay "Hello there"
Very useful wouldn't you agree? You can also pipe commands like ls with cowsay, for example:
ls | cowsay
It returns the cow saying the list of files in the current directory.


-f if you aren't satisfied with the cow, you have other possibilities of animals instead of cow. One example is the dragon which you can get by using "-f dragon", it will now draw a fantasy-like dragon.
cowsay -f dragon "Burn World"
There are more animal drawings for the cowsay command, just type cowsay -l in your terminal for the list of the animals you can use.

Suggestion: combine with lolcat

lolcat is another entertainment command that is also installed with the brew pack you installed previously for the cowsay command, and they work perfectly together. Adding lolcat at the end of the cowsay command and its quote will add random colours for the drawing.